Status: Under the ‘waste to wealth’ mission, the government is developing technologies to treat waste to generate energy, recycle materials and extract valuable resources. The government aims to deploy these technologies in programs such as Smart Cities and Swacch Bharat. Five waste management projects are being carried out at present. The government also set up a ‘Centre of Excellence for Waste to Wealth Technologies’ at IIT-Delhi in May 2019. Further, the government is implementing the Semicon India programme wherein it offers financial support to companies involved in semiconductor and display manufacturing. Other key steps include the Chips to Start-up (C2S) Programme to train 85,000 industry-ready manpower, modernising Mohali semiconductor laboratory, and ChipIN Centre to provide chip design infrastructure & fabrication services to academia and start-ups. Consequently, India has witnessed major investments by prominent players like Micron, Foxconn and Tata-PSMC. i ii iii iv v