Status: 42 squadrons of fighter planes, 200 ship-fleet and war wastage reserve for 40 days of intense war are among the critical targets being pursued to be fully prepared for a two-front war. As per the latest available data, the defence purchases have increased by 50% in the first three years of the second tenure. On the strike-capability front, the DRDO has successfully test-fired the 3500km range K-4 nuclear-capable missile from the Indian submarine Arihant, giving India an unprecedented second-strike capability to target most of China, including Beijing, and entire Pakistan while operating from the Arabian Sea. Other key new steps include operationalising the Defence Space Agency and Defence Cyber Agency, maiden test of the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle, commissioning of INS Vikrant, induction of RAFALE aircrafts, and clearance to acquire MQ-9B drones. i ii iii iv v vi vii viii ix x